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Welcome to Honey Child’s® Candles where creativity, content and candles connect!

Being a multi-passionate #twinmompreneur means I’m a full-time mother of twins, as well as a business owner that enjoys using my skills and talents to inspire and uplift those around me.

Honey Child’s® Honey Sweet Beeswax Candles, is a healthier candle alternative that purifies the air as it burns, evenly burns, slowly burns, is paraffin-free, soy-free, non-toxic, soot-free, no dyes, no smokiness, no drowning wicks, no burning eyes or itchy noses.

Healthy living, aromatic goodness and ambiance await you!


Honey Sweet Beeswax Candles

Honey Child’s® Beeswax Candles is my love letter to you from Mother Nature.

As a beeswax candle creator for the past six and a half years with my first year and a half unknowingly creating toxic candles, I must say it’s an honor to create a healthier candle alternative for you.

Honey Child’s® Candles, come in 16 and 12 ounce glass jars with wood wicks. We offer seasonal scents, all year scents and aromatherapy. 


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Meet Your Beeswax Candle Creator

Shanda Brumby

It’s funny because when I went to college, I never fathomed that I’d be making beeswax candles let alone running a business! Life is funny like that I suppose.

I’ve always enjoyed great smelling scents and beautiful things from a young age, and I’ve always been very creative. As I became older getting closer to Mother Nature became more important to me, and when I decided what kind of business I wanted to have candles was a natural part of it.

Moreover, I’m health conscious and have been completely baffled by how many toxic candles are on the market. I felt it my duty to create a non-toxic healthy product that offers written word inspiration.

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a bit of background

  • Student Of Life
  • Certified Plant Medicine Practitioner
  • Intellectual Property Enthusiast
  • Artist
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Content Creator


“They all smell amazing. I’ll be ordering more soon, I’m obsessed with the lemon lavender candle! I can’t stop burning it! It makes our whole apartment smell amazing! Thank you so much!”

– Jessica Link

“I waited all day to come home to this moment…thank you @honeychildscandles this lemon lavender is giving me my entire life!”

– Courtney Taylor

“Got my candles from Honey Child’s Candles and it smells absolutely amazing!!!! I will be buying more of these!!” #ChristmasGifts

– Danielle Thompson

“I LOVE Honey Child’s Candles! If you don’t know, now ya know! The Best candles I ever bought!”

– Iris Simone

I love my #honeychildsbeeswaxcandles #honeysweeteucalyptus #relaxed #cantwaitforfall #scentedcandles

– Elsa Martinez

These are the best cleanest burning candles I’ve EVER bought. And they smell fantastic!

– Tracy G.


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